Keys to Planning a Great Party

My youngest sister is getting married in June. I have the great privilege of being her matron of honor along with another one of her dear friends. I take this role seriously and have been planning her bachelorette party pretty much since she told me I was to be her MOH, pinning ideas on Pinterest, asking endless questions about her preferences determined to make this party one of the best she’s ever been to. Bonus for me is that I really like to plan events. I love how all the details come together in the end for one awesome time. Here are my tips to planning a great party.

Tip One: Pick a theme but don’t go overboard

A theme allows you to keep your party on track, give you a color scheme to work with and ideas for gifts and games. Its easy to go overboard, and for me it just ends up being a waste of money. I really loved the Kiss the Miss Goodbye theme that was all over Pinterest. I’ve got plans for a super cute picture frame to commemorate the evening. I asked everyone to wear black, like we are mourning sending her off into matrimony, with pink accessories adding a hint of fun and nod to her wedding colors, and of course their favorite lip stick. I’ve got fun little lip stickers to use however we please.

Tip Two: Games are not competitions-pick ones that even the playing field

Games are meant to be fun, nothing too crazy that make people uncomfortable but just interesting enough to help break the ice between everyone helping them to form a bond that will span from this party through the wedding. The game I’m most looking forward to is modified from a Christmas drawing on your head game I found online. Our drawing will be more adult themed. Points are awarded for how well the drawing turns out. I picked this one in particular because it has the potential to turn out a little ridiculous and no one is good at drawing on their head. The prizes show my craftiness. I made cute little makeup bags and stuffed them will spa stuff. Keep those simple as well, people aren’t at your party for the prizes.

Tip Three: Listen to your guest of honor

I emailed my sister pretty early on to determine just what she was looking for in a party. I stuck to her wished and did my best to fulfill her suggestions. It took a considerable amount of time reviewing crowns to find one that met the only requirement from my sister, something super sweet. I was under specific instructions to keep it classy, so nothing crazy in her veil or weird necklaces. Because I’m such a crafty person, I ended up making her veil. How perfect to have some one-of-kind things for my one-of-kind sister. She is going to be the definition of classy bride-to-be when we go out!

Tip Four: Have a loose schedule and be flexible

We have firm dinner reservations, that is the only thing we must do all night at a specific time, eat dinner. Clearly a pretty important thing to commit to. Otherwise, keep the schedule loose. Paying games and eating snacks once everyone arrives at the hotel, go to dinner, then more drinking and dancing after that. The group will go where we like. If one place seems great, we’ll stay awhile, it if turns out to be a dud, we’ll move on.

Tip Five: Keep Calm and Plan Ahead

What allows me to be calm during events is to plan, plan, plan and then plan some more. Other people don’t work this way and that’s okay for them, but not me. I have to work out nearly every scenario that could occur and have a plan in mind. I make list after list. I’ve had a bag packed for two weeks that I’ve been adding to as I think of things I need to bring. I’m considering asking them to use the buddy system so no one gets left behind. I’m a firm believer in plan for the worst and hope for the best and it has served me well more than once.

There you have it, my tips for planning a great party that is sure to be memorable and enjoyable. I will be a little stressed tomorrow but not nearly as stressed as I could be. Everything is going to be great and I’ll go down in history as the best matron of honor my sister could ever have.

Oh did I mention I got us a selfie stick for the night? I found one for around $8 which seemed worth it, check it out here. My sister is so very excited for this so even if everything else falls apart, she will have some cute pictures of herself.

What is the most memorable party you’ve been to? What made it memorable?


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