They just keep getting better!

As I experiment more and more with my essential oils, and embrace my mad scientist side, I’m just so happy that I decided to give them a go. Here’s a few of things that I’ve been trying out recently and really loving all of them.

Sunscreen: With a base of sweet almond oil, it seems a little weird to me that I’m using it as a sunscreen and not a tanning oil. Apparently, sweet almond oil alone has an SPF of 5. Who knew? This particular concoction smells amazing. I’ve gotten several comments when we use it while we are out and about. But it works! O’s  a fair skinned little man with blue eyes and a touch of strawberry in his hair. He’s one of those kids that burns in a few minutes and doesn’t go outside without a hat on pretty much ever. We’ve used this in the middle of a sunny day and neither one of us have burned. The only negative I have is that it needs to be re-applied roughly every 30 minutes. This time frame could be easily overlooked and then I’ll need to use some other amazing oils to fix sun burns. Message me for the recipe!

Weight loss: I mentioned these pills in a previous post regarding my weight loss process. I take them every morning after breakfast. Besides some grapefruit and peppermint flavored burps here and there, these help a ton with snacking urges and sugar cravings. At the time of my last post, I attributed them to helping me move the scale after 3 weeks of not being able to make it budge. This week the scale is up above and beyond so maybe I was just having a good week. The scale and I are now on an extended break. I still think these help-especially with my sugar cravings. I also use lemon or grapefruit in my water too when I need a little extra help or just wand some great flavored water. One drop is all it takes!  Recipe here.

Face Cream with SPF: This has been really pretty great but has taken the most to adapt to since I use it every day. It has quite a bit of carrot seed oil in it which I don’t love the smell of. However, Frankincense is supposed to be amazing for wrinkles and I’m well aware that I’m not growing younger. I’ve read plenty of studies how sleep deprivation and all the extra stress of motherhood contributes to wrinkles. I think a small car would fit on the crevice in my forehead so any help I can get is appreciated. It goes on really very smoothly, especially after using my brown sugar scrub, and just a little goes quite a long way. I have to be pretty careful not to use too much. My negative with this one is brief in the sense it only lasts a few minutes. With the coconut oil base, it goes on a little greasy and shiny but it absorbs quickly so by the time I’m done getting ready it’s already soaked in. This recipe is gone from Pinterest! If it returns I’ll add a link. It had coconut oil, Frankincense, carrot seed, and lavender for sure…maybe something else? You whipped it all together with a hand mixer so it gets really creamy and smooth.

Face/Body Brown Sugar Scrub: I’ve been making sugar scrubs for quite some time because I got tired of paying too much for something I can make. Super weird for me to do anything like that I know. This has been one of my favorite recipes so far. I’m going to take a wild guess that the reason for the improvement maybe because I’m using quality oils that aren’t just for scent. I’m actually getting some benefits for my skin that clearly have launched this scrub from functional to luxurious. I use this scrub all over, face and body and I absolutely love how my skins feel after. Recipe here. I subbed tea tree EO instead of lemongrass.

With each new things I try, I’m ready and waiting to pick it apart and exclaim Ah hah! These essential oils aren’t all they’re cracked up to be! But I really do like everything that I’ve tried and I’m getting the benefits without the additional chemicals. Even little things have been positive. I put some lavender and tea tree on a scrape. The next morning it looked about 4 days old instead of 12 hours. I know I really need to start taking some pictures of these things so people believe me! But its true. They just keep getting better and better!

Have you used any essential oils? What are you favorites? What do I have to try?


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