My name is Jen. I live in a smallish town in south-central Minnesota. I’m a newer mom trying to figure out how all the parts of my life now fit together under this new title. I work at a hospital on the administration side of things so I don’t have any interaction with patients. I’m married to a really great man who’s a wonderful father. I’m one of those annoyingly good crafters who can see something on Pinterest or watch a YouTube video and replicate it nearly perfectly. I enjoy trying new recipes and would consider my cooking skills in the intermediate realm. I used to be a runner and I will be a runner again. I have the jogging stroller to prove it. I like to read mostly paranormal stuff, some popular young adult fiction, romance, you know-the fun things that aren’t too serious. I’ve always liked to write but this is my first attempt at something as public as a blog. I’m an observant and curious person, and I’m looking for a new something in my life. I want to have a reason to try new things, to tell people about them, and how cool does “this is for my blog” sound? Nerdy-cool, but cool nonetheless.


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