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They just keep getting better!

As I experiment more and more with my essential oils, and embrace my mad scientist side, I’m just so happy that I decided to give them a go. Here’s a few of things that I’ve been trying out recently and really loving all of them.

Sunscreen: With a base of sweet almond oil, it seems a little weird to me that I’m using it as a sunscreen and not a tanning oil. Apparently, sweet almond oil alone has an SPF of 5. Who knew? This particular concoction smells amazing. I’ve gotten several comments when we use it while we are out and about. But it works! O’s  a fair skinned little man with blue eyes and a touch of strawberry in his hair. He’s one of those kids that burns in a few minutes and doesn’t go outside without a hat on pretty much ever. We’ve used this in the middle of a sunny day and neither one of us have burned. The only negative I have is that it needs to be re-applied roughly every 30 minutes. This time frame could be easily overlooked and then I’ll need to use some other amazing oils to fix sun burns. Message me for the recipe!

Weight loss: I mentioned these pills in a previous post regarding my weight loss process. I take them every morning after breakfast. Besides some grapefruit and peppermint flavored burps here and there, these help a ton with snacking urges and sugar cravings. At the time of my last post, I attributed them to helping me move the scale after 3 weeks of not being able to make it budge. This week the scale is up above and beyond so maybe I was just having a good week. The scale and I are now on an extended break. I still think these help-especially with my sugar cravings. I also use lemon or grapefruit in my water too when I need a little extra help or just wand some great flavored water. One drop is all it takes!  Recipe here.

Face Cream with SPF: This has been really pretty great but has taken the most to adapt to since I use it every day. It has quite a bit of carrot seed oil in it which I don’t love the smell of. However, Frankincense is supposed to be amazing for wrinkles and I’m well aware that I’m not growing younger. I’ve read plenty of studies how sleep deprivation and all the extra stress of motherhood contributes to wrinkles. I think a small car would fit on the crevice in my forehead so any help I can get is appreciated. It goes on really very smoothly, especially after using my brown sugar scrub, and just a little goes quite a long way. I have to be pretty careful not to use too much. My negative with this one is brief in the sense it only lasts a few minutes. With the coconut oil base, it goes on a little greasy and shiny but it absorbs quickly so by the time I’m done getting ready it’s already soaked in. This recipe is gone from Pinterest! If it returns I’ll add a link. It had coconut oil, Frankincense, carrot seed, and lavender for sure…maybe something else? You whipped it all together with a hand mixer so it gets really creamy and smooth.

Face/Body Brown Sugar Scrub: I’ve been making sugar scrubs for quite some time because I got tired of paying too much for something I can make. Super weird for me to do anything like that I know. This has been one of my favorite recipes so far. I’m going to take a wild guess that the reason for the improvement maybe because I’m using quality oils that aren’t just for scent. I’m actually getting some benefits for my skin that clearly have launched this scrub from functional to luxurious. I use this scrub all over, face and body and I absolutely love how my skins feel after. Recipe here. I subbed tea tree EO instead of lemongrass.

With each new things I try, I’m ready and waiting to pick it apart and exclaim Ah hah! These essential oils aren’t all they’re cracked up to be! But I really do like everything that I’ve tried and I’m getting the benefits without the additional chemicals. Even little things have been positive. I put some lavender and tea tree on a scrape. The next morning it looked about 4 days old instead of 12 hours. I know I really need to start taking some pictures of these things so people believe me! But its true. They just keep getting better and better!

Have you used any essential oils? What are you favorites? What do I have to try?


Getting Unstuck

Weight loss is at the fore front of my mind nearly every day all day long, especially as summer, swim suit season and shorts weather draws closer and closer. I’ve been really consistent with working out at least 4 times a week. I’m not as consistent with eating well. I do my best to stick to my eating plan and when I fall off the wagon I do my best not to stray too far.

All in all, I’m doing okay. I’m not gaining so i should be happy.  But I’ve ben stuck at my current weight for a few weeks now. However, clothes continue to fit better and better. A dress I couldn’t zip a few months ago fits pretty darn good now. I went swimsuit shopping and didn’t leave the store in a depressive state vowing only to drink water for the rest of my life. I can run a few miles relatively easily and I feel so much stronger.

But I’m stuck at this same number and despite the positive feedback I’m getting from my clothes it’s bugging me quite a bit actually. So I turned to my essential oils for some help. I found a post that recommended using lemon, grapefruit and peppermint in a little capsule. Just two drops of each so not a huge amount, but let me tell you, it does help. I can get through most of the day without feeling like I’m starving and when I do eat I don’t feel like I need to eat my lunch and the plate too. Small side effect is burping up grapefruit and peppermint which isn’t as bad of a combination as you’d think. I’ve been taking these every morning after breakfast for about a week. This week’s weigh-in finally, FINALLY moved the scale. Yay! It wasn’t much but it moved!

To keep things moving in the right direction, I’m going to keep up with my pills for a while longer. I’m also going to work a little harder at staying on track with me eating plan. Additionally, I think my workouts need a boost, either adding another day or increasing the intensity. Adding another day might be tough but I can easily make my workouts harder and sweat a little more. I need to remember this is a process. Big changes don’t happen overnight. Healthy habits don’t become habits quickly. I’m still determined. I have about 12 lbs. to get to my pre-baby weight. I can do this! I am going to do this!

Living Vicariously through Essential Oils

I just discovered the Starz series Outlander. It’s about a women, Claire, who inadvertently travels back in time from 1945 to 1743 in Scotland. She’s a nurse who served in WWII and it becomes obvious that she has some skill and knowledge in the area of healing. Based on a book series by Daina Gabaldon, the plot and story line are intriguing and I’m a sucker for the really wonderful accents the show is full of. Even more interesting for me is that being set in 1743, her medicines and cures are dried plants and essential oils, you  know, all that natural sort of stuff that is so popular right now.

Did I mention I was a sucker? I am, but I’m an educated one so I did my homework, took the plunge and bought an intro kit to essential oils. I’ve been wanting to for a while but couldn’t come up with a better reason besides I wanted to be like Claire from Outlander. (Side note: I had several dreams before I got married that I invited the characters from Grey’s Anatomy to my wedding. This proves my attachment issues with TV shows) That was until recently when a friend posted about how she used an essential oil to stop the bleeding when her daughter fell and bit through her lip. I looked up the oil and it’s nicknamed liquid stitches. This sounded like something I should probably have on hand sooner rather than later with an active boy learning how to walk in the house. The amount of near misses we’ve had are astounding. Additionally, not long after I came across that post, O came down with a pretty bad cold. It wasn’t that bad at first, just a runny nose, but it quickly progressed into something bigger, thick green mucas and you could just tell his was really uncomfortable. I broke down and bought a battery operated nasal aspirator (which turned out to be amazing and every new mom friend from here on out will get one), and some other OTC cold medicine and chest rub for babies. I brought it all home and had my husband read the directions and low and behold the ingredients in the chest rub and medicine were holistic, mostly essential oil based. Well I could do that! I see those Pinterst posts all the time about homemade vapor rub and tea and whatever. I could have been helping my son fight this cold days ago! It never would have gotten this bad! I felt awful.

Things clicked into place after that. I decided to try my hand at bath bombs-seriously so easy!-and got to talking more about the uses of essential oils with the friend who had posted about her daughter and the liquid stitches. She invited me over to make some stuff that very night with another one of her friends. I got to pick their brains, make some things, take them home and test them out. It was a great introduction, a way to really see the versatility of oils and get a glimpse of what it would take to transition to a home with less, if not any, chemicals. She gave me some oils to help with O’s teething and sleeping issues. I got ideas to help with my husband snoring. I was ready after that night to get started.

My kit came at the perfect time. A virus had made it’s way around our house to me. I was a congested, snotty mess with a sore throat, cough and sinus headache. All roads ahead led to a sinus infection if past experience was anything to judge by. I was contemplating fibbing to the doctor that yes it had been the required 10-14 days of suffering to be able to get an antibiotic (I totally know this is wrong-I said I was just contemplating it!). My oils arrived and I found a sinus rub and a sinus/sore throat/coughing tea on Pinterest. The tea was so simple. One drop each of three different oils in hot water with honey to taste.  Wow! The results were instant. I could breath. My throat didn’t hurt and I stopped coughing. WOW! I used the rub that night and slept decently for the first time in several days. A few days later my ears were still bothering me. My thought process was along the lines of “awesome, I avoided a sinus infection to get an ear infection.” But I turned to my oils once more and used this recipe for ear infections. The next morning the pressure was gone. I’ve treated the area with the mixture repeatedly when I feel any sort of pressure but it really hasn’t returned in full force.

I’m finding the uses are endless. I saw pictures in one of the oily groups I’m a part of how one mom got permanent marker out of her couch with essential oils, not some fancy chemical ridden stain remover, basically lemon oil and water. Amazing right? See her before and after pictures below.



Photos courtesy of N. L.

I did my own test with some old stains on our carpet, I think it was coffee or maybe chocolate? A water and vinegar mixture with some lemon oil and like magic the stains are gone. I had to let it sit for a bit and repeat the process a few times but it wasn’t anything that I wouldn’t have had to do with another carpet cleaner. And the lemon smells so good! Additionally, O is in the I-need-to-help-with-everything phase and I wasn’t worried about him getting near this cleaner. Bonus for both of us!

I have so many things I want to try! My Pinterest board for essential oils is quickly becoming massive. On my list are sunscreen, bug spray, diaper rash cream, shampoo, face moisturizer, poo spray (you spray it before you go number 2 and its not supposed to smell!), and a basic household cleaner just to name a few.

If you would like to know more about getting started with essential oils, please let me know. I will be the first to admit I’m new and may not have many answers, but I can get them and then I’ll learn in the process too!

Have you seen Outlander? Do you use essential oils? What for? What do you like best about them? Are there any I just have to have?